Goodbye Gina, Hello Harry

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The start of the 6 Nations tournament on Saturday caused a bit of a delay in getting my next dough on the go! Finally got Harry under way around 10pm. Slight change in the standard recipe in my flour mix; … Continued

Gina RIP

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Poor old Gina came a cropper some time in the early hours of the morning. Things were always going to be difficult. The gluten never developed, she stayed a bit of a soggy mess. There was a little bit of … Continued


So… Fred had a long lie this morning, having a full 14 hours to rest – hopefully not too long although Bread Ahead suggest 8-24 hours for resting is what is required. 1pm Started knocking back the dough with a … Continued

Derek and Ethel

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Finished Derek off for lunch today. Definitely sensed there was a little more air in Derek – just felt a little lighter with a softer crumb. Started Ethel this morning; breakfast (toasted) and sandwiches for lunch. Again pretty light and … Continued